Update and Thailand trip part 4

So I thought, yesterday I’d do an update post as to why haven’t been blogging the past few days, but then I thought writing a bunch of words without at picture to accompany would be supper boring.

So I decided, seeing as I’m super behind with my Thailand Trip post I would give you all a bit of an update and then share some more pics of my Thailand trip as if I don’t keep up with them I still be posting about it on my Birthday next month.

I seem to keep saying so a lot in my posts so will try to stop using that so much and find another more exciting way to word it.

But basically I start my College/Tafe course again on Monday so spent Thursday and Friday organising stuff for that, then Inormally post something of Thursday night by had work all night so didn’t get the chance to writing anything then before I knew, it was Saturday night and time for bed.

Had hopped to film my haul video today, but due to being so behind with all my other blogging, social media and video editing I have to do. I’ve decided to film it next Sunday instead.

Had planned to have another video edit for when this post goes live, but not sure if I’ll have time as I have a list of things to get through and for me to edit a video requires 1/2 hrs of me just sitting there is quite, which I find really hard to do.

It’s not that the videos are hard to edit as they’re really basic it’s the fact that I can’t really multi-task, like now when I’m writing this post I have the TV on in the background or I’ll be listing to music and have all my social media open in the background and keep flicking between all but with editing you just have to sit there and really focus and listen to your own voice for what seems like forever.

So seeing as the only place I don’t get distracted from other things is when I go and sit down at Starbucks, I will hopefully go down their Tuesday afternoon if I don’t have a bunch of assignments to start, and sit there and edit and upload it for my Tuesday post.

So enough of me taking about rubbish, here is some more pics of my time in Hua Hin, not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not, but I spent the whole first week of my trip (Monday to Sunday) in Hua Hun:

Update and Thailand trip part 4 Update and Thailand trip part 4 Update and Thailand trip part 4 Update and Thailand trip part 4 Update and Thailand trip part 4 Update and Thailand trip part 4 Update and Thailand trip part 4 Update and Thailand trip part 4 Update and Thailand trip part 4 Update and Thailand trip part 4



Thailand part 4

Here’s some more pics of my Thailand trip. Sorry if I’m boring you with Thailand posts, but If don’t post them now I still be thinking about this time next year.

Also sorry that I only have pics to-day haven’t had a chance to edit my next video, but if you haven’t check on my first Thailand vlog you can check it out here.

Will try to edit vlog day 2 and upload it sometime tomorrow.

So here are some more pics of my time in Hua Hin:

The walk down to one of the beaches in Hua Hin.

Thailand part 4 Thailand part 4

Jelly fish on the beach. Thailand part 4 Thailand part 4 Beach food stall  Thailand part 4 Thailand part 4 Thailand part 4 Horse riding on the beach. Thailand part 4 Thailand part 4  Thailand part 4 Thailand part 4

Thailand part 4 Thailand part 4 One of the many streets in Hua Hin. Thailand part 4

Cocktail hour again. Thailand part 4 Local Thai food, chicken and rice. Thailand part 4


Thailand part 3

Here are the next few days of my trip, can’t really do any more day by day pics as I’ll be here all year talking about it.

Also by the time this post goes live there should be an accompany video up on my YouTube channel if not it’s taken longer than expect to edit or it’s taken forever to upload, so if it’s not up to-night it will be up by tomorrow night.

So on the third day of trip we head down to a place of the coast of Bangkok called  Hua in, so here are some pics of the taxi ride down and the first few days I was there.

Was there for 7 days so could have loads of pics or not that many, didn’t really look at any of the pics I was taken just kept snapping and said I’ll check them out later when I get back to the room, then got that busy and forgot. So just decided to check them out when I write my posts so here goes:

Also I’ve just realised how organised I am it’s currently 8am on a Sunday morning and I’m writing this post instead of 8pm a night when I normal write this post, so for the first time this year my post will be up on time.

Pic on the car trip down to Hua Hin

Thailand part 3

Thailand part 3

Thailand part 3 Thailand part 3

First cocktail of the trip Mojito  Thailand part 3 Park in Hua Hin, still have crimbo decorations up.  Thailand part 3

More Crimbo lights at the park  Thailand part 3 Thailand part 3

View from breakfast in the hotel. Thailand part 3

Still have the Crimbo tree up.  Thailand part 3 Breakfast mixture of Thai and western  Thailand part 3

Local shopping centre
Thailand part 3

Thailand part 3

Cake shop in the shopping centre, never seen such cheap cakes.

Thailand part 3 Thailand part 3

First Starbucks in Hua Hin.

Thailand part 3


Thailand pics part 2

First of sorry this post is going up really late tonight, was trying to be organised and have it wrote ahead of time but worked last night, then today, I’ve had one of those days when I’ve felt like blogging and not felt like blogging all at the same time.

But seeing as I’m only on day 2 pics of my trip and I still have another 12 days of pics to post about and 14days of video to edit and uploaded, figured that I couldn’t put this post off any longer.

At first I wasn’t sure whether to post pics/share this with you or not as I didn’t want to seem like I was a rich kid bragging, but as it was my one of my favourite if not favourite days of the trip how could I not share it all.

Never thought in my life time that I’d get to eat anywhere like this, but basically on my first Sunday/first full day in Thailand my Dad’s best friend who lives over there called my dad up and invited us all to brunch at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit.

I knew before I went that the food would be good as it’s a 5star hotel, but never imaged the food would be as amazing as it was and never have I see so much choice of food in one place.

Will probably understand it more when you watch my video, but here are some of the pics that I took while walking around and some of the pics of the day.

So basically as we found out we where having brunch we decided to skip breakfast and just, have a coffee and muffin at the Marriott Hotel cafe.

Thailand pics part 2

Blueberry muffin  Thailand pics part 2

So here is my first course, ate that much that I forgot to takes pics of the rest of the courses.   Thailand pics part 2

Cheese round

Thailand pics part 2

Vodka and Lemonade  Thailand pics part 2

Chocolate fountain

Thailand pics part 2

Pork leg  Thailand pics part 2

Amazing Toilets, really bad selfie. Thailand pics part 2

Chocolate stand decorated with chocolates Thailand pics part 2


Thailand pics part 2

Asian sweets

Thailand pics part 2

Asian fruits  Thailand pics part 2


Thailand pics part 2

More sweets.

Thailand pics part 2

Waterfall wall

Thailand pics part 2

Grand Stairs

Thailand pics part 2

View standing from the Italian stand

Thailand pics part 2 View from my table

Thailand pics part 2

So after we had brunch me and my mum decided to head off to one of the local malls/shopping centres, didn’t get chance to take my pics as I spent most of the time videoing but here are the ones I did take:

Sky train

Thailand pics part 2

Sky train terminal 21, great shopping centre/mall popped in their before brunch a great shopping centre compared to my local shopping centres, but not as good as the one I’m showing you in the rest of the pics.  Thailand pics part 2

One of the Christmas trees at the Siam Centre Mall.

Thailand pics part 2 Sorry about the blurred pics, was supper excited as I finally got to tick Sephora of my bucket list of places to visit.

Thailand pics part 2


walked outside to see people queuing for a big pikachu event, didn’t even know pikachu was still that popular.  Thailand pics part 2 Then after a long afternoon of shopping stopped of my favourite ice cream in the world Hagen-Dazs Cookies and cream, wish we could this here in Australia. Probably a good thing it’s not thought  stops me from getting fat.  Thailand pics part 2


So that’s all the pics that I took of day 2, sorry if there a bit confusing will probably make more sense when you watch the video and sorry if my spellings really bad.

will be back in a few days time with some more pics or a video if I get some time to edit it.

Also if you ever go to Thailand and want to check out the brunch here is a link Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit