January update

So I know that I said I’d be more organised and regularly start posting and start uploading more video this year well that didn’t quite work out.

After having such a good December completing blogmas and then blogging until the end of December. I completely forgot about January and the fact that I was going on an overseas trip for over two weeks and had nothing planned/scheduled for while I was away.

I had planned on daily vloging and doing a blog post every know and then, but I didn’t have good internet and then when I did I just didn’t have enough hours in the day to fit it in.

I did, however, film bits and bobs every day on my trip. So will start editing that on the weekend, might do one big long video or a few separate one not sure yet as it all depends on how much video footage I have.

I also have quite a lot of photos that I took so will sort through those and do some posts on them over the next week or so.

Making the most of my time as I found out last night that I still have another 2 and a bit weeks till I start back at TAFE.

So trying to get super organised by Sunday so that my February blogging and YouTube schedule in better than January and so that my March one is even more impressive that.

Had hope to write this post a few days ago but I got sick last week and had to cut my trip short and fly back on Saturday night instead of Monday evening.

Most people would probably think I’m crazy but when you stuck in a hotel room that claimed to be 4 star and turned out to be 2 stars and you and your parents all feel like your dying the only thing to do was book on the next available flight and come home.

So it taken a week but I’m finally started to feel better.

So seeing as it’s the 1st feb on Sunday I will do a more interesting post. I will also be back to my regular blogging schedule next week which is Sunday, Tuesday and Friday at 7pm AEST.

I may uploaded my videos on other days so please cheep checking out my YouTube channel, Facebook and twitter for update on when they will be out.

Also this month I signed up for advising with Sprinkles Of Glitter  which has just finished but it has been a great experience, has helped me get some many more new daily views to my blog and has also helped me want to grow my blog even more this year. Might be a bit on the pricey side for some but defiantly worth it if you have the money. I also got mentioned in her advertising post the day which was great.

You probably won’t read this but thanks Louise for letting me advertise on your site and thanks for the great blurb in the advertising post.

Also, while I was away a blogger called Hannah commented to me saying that she nominated me for the Liebster award it’s a bit hard to explain what it is but will do a post on it very soon. Also here is a link to Hannah’s blog if you liked to check it out.

Today I decided to have another go a vloging and do a daily vlog day as the one’s on my trip were a bit mismatched.

So please let me know in the comment bellow if you would be interested in that. Probably won’t happen very often as nothing much exciting happens in my day and in two weeks time I’ll be back at TAFE which will be even more boring. 

Here’s the first pics of my trip taken on the drive to the airport:

January update

the worst blogger in the world

Feel really bad that I haven’t posted in about 2 weeks. But if you didn’t know I’m currently on a 17 day holiday in Thailand.

The hotel I’m current staying has like dial-up speed internet, but for some reason it seems to be working quite well to-day and I finally have a spare 30 mins so thought I’d update you all and let you know that I am still blogging.

Not sure if I’ll get to update you all again before I go back home as it’s my final day in Hua Hin (that’s the area in Thailand I’m current staying in which is on the coast and about a 3hrs drive from Bangkok) tomorrow, so I’m doing my last bit of sightseeing in the morning, then have to go and buy another suitcase as we only brought two with us and just scraped in with the weight limited and since then have done lost of shopping so we are now overweight.

Then in the afternoon I’m off for high tea in a five-star hotel, then I have to come back empty my suitcase and repack it as first thing Monday Morning I’m off on a 3hr drive back to Bangkok airport to flight to a place called Chiang Mai for a few days.

Had hope to upload some pics and few videos while I was here, but due to not having enough time in the day and really bad internet I haven’t been able to.

But depending on how much I’ve recorded I will probably do an overall video of the trip and several posts with info and pics of the different place I visited.

Sorry if this post is really boring and makes no sense, but just feel really bad that I haven’t been blogging this month after having such a great December with blogging.

Also if you’ve been following me over the past few months your know how much I like quotes, so I was scrolling thought Facebook the other day and found this quote so thought I’d share it with you.

Current 3hrs being AEST, but some how managed to get this post out on time with a minute to spare.

the worst blogger in the world


Plans for the New Year’s

I know I did a New Year’s resolutions post the other day, which is probably sort of similar to this.

Anywayover the past few days I’ve been doing a lot of think of new stuff that I’d like to do, so thought I’d share them with you all as I seem to achieve more of my goals when I share them on the world wide web.

1| Not many people know, but before I started this blog over a year ago since the end of 2009 early 2010 I’ve been teaching myself graphic/web design.

I wouldn’t say I’m supper great at it, but have picked up enough skills to put a basic/not to bad website/blog together.

My current site is not designed by me, but my previous blog designs have been. Only had some one to design it as at the time my blog was getting slightly bigger and I didn’t have the time to do a blog re-dsign and blog at the same time so decided to get someone to do a re-design for me.

But I thought this year I’d try to put my skills in to use and start my own blog/website design site offering affordable designs to people out there in the world.

Probably won’t be open for a good few months as I have to design/code the site and have to brush up on my silks after having almost a 6 month break from it.

did purchased a domain name last night and started setting some stuff up, so every so often I might post a link to it so you can check it out and see the work in progress.

But thought I’d share this with you all know asit’s something I’m really excitedabout doing this year.

Feel like as this post is so long it needs some sort of pic to break it up, but seeing as I don’t have anything relevant here is a pic that Itook of the fireworks on New Year’s eve:

Plans for the New Year's

Taken with my iPhone 5

2| Writing a book/ebook, I started writing it last year but only wrote 6 lines then my computer die and I lost it all, but decided this is the year to get back into it and start again.

You’re probably all think it’s a book about fashion/beauty I would love to say it is and although I blog about that I’m really not expert in the fields.

So thought seeing as I’ve spent the last fiveyear’s teaching myself how to design and code a website and blog. I thought I’d write a book on how to set up a website/blog.

Probably won’t be up until next year as theirs just so much planning, design, writing and editing involved. But just feel like that when I started out there wasn’t really anything out there that taught you those things and if they were theycost like hundreds of dollars.

So I thought, I’d create something that makes it easy for people to learn from and is affordable and seeing as everyone seems to be into youtube at the moment I might even included some step by step videos.

Also before I go, I’ve mentioned it in a few post but if you didn’t know I’m going on a 17 day trip to Thailand on Saturday.

So just letting you all know that my blogging schedule will be slighting different as I’m not sure if I’ll have internet where I’m staying and if I’ll even have much time to use it so my blogging schedule may be sporadic however I’m hoping to do vologing while I’m there so keep checking out for that.

As I have a few posts on my list that I want to do before my trip I will be posting most of this week so keep checking out my blog.

I start College/Tafe in February so will be back to my regular blogging scheduled then.

first post of 2015

Haven’t posted since last year so thought it was time that I did my first post of 2015.

So welcome all to 2015 on my blog, Let the 2015 adventure begin.

Been doing something called “fashion selfie friday” for the past few Fridays. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is some info:

I’ve been loving Instagram a lot more lately.

So I thought, I’d start something “called fashion selfie friday“. So basically every Friday wherever you are in the world take an Instagram pic of the outfit you’re wearing and make one of your hastags #fashionselfiefriday 

From my research this hashtag has never been used before.

But the concept has probably already been done loads of time before by other bloggers, but thought I/we could give it a try to see how it goes.

It’s also a great way to connect with new people and see other people’s outfits from around the world.

Again, if you’d like to take part don’t forget to use the hashtag #fashionselfiefridayNo one has taken part yet, but I would love it if you could all take part.

From my research this hashtag has never been used before.

But the concept has probably already been done loads of time before by other bloggers, but thought I/we could give it a try to see how it goes.

It’s also a great way to connect with new people and see other people‘s outfits from around the world.

Again, if you’d like to take part don’t forget to use the hashtag #fashionselfiefriday

No one has taken part yet, but I would love it if you could all take part.

Here is a link to my Instagram where you can check out my fashion selfie friday pic.




Happy New Year’s

I have somehow managed to blog the entire month of December, still can’t believe that I’ve actually complete.

Don’t have anything exciting planned for today as it’s currently New Year’s eve.

But just wanted to post to all the people who follow my blog out their andsay thank you all for following me, reading my post and commenting on them over the past year.

It if it wasn’t for all of you taking the time out to read this grain of sand on the Internet I probably wouldn’t be sat here today writingthis post.

Can’t wait to carry on and do even more/become a better blogging in the NewYear’s.

So Happy New Year’s everyone.

I Knowit’s the 1st tomorrow and I normal like to do a post on the first, but due to me blogging for the past 31 days I thought I’d take a day’s break and start my regular blogging schedule again on Friday.