Trending Now Asos


Thought I’d try something new on my blog this week and do a Trending now and show you all my Favourite ASOS trends. Only taken me 2 weeks to finish writing as it took me so long to pick 5 favourite trends, so here we go, will try to aim to do 1 of these Read More

Where to find me

Had got something planned for today, started to write it this morning while having a hot chocolate down at Starbucks, but got home and just procrastinate and only just realised it’s almost 6pm and I still haven’t start my assignments and I have placement again tomorrow. So in the meantime thought I share with you all the other Read More

Youtuber – I wish

Probably shouldn’t even be labelling myself a youtuber as I’ve made a grand total of 5 videos, since I first started blogging a year ago. Had hope to do more this year but just never see to have the time to film, edit and uploaded all in one day. Most people think it’s just something you Read More