day 29 – when your day doesn’t quite go to plan

So basically my day-to-day didn’t quite go to plan.

Had been asked to do an overnight stay on the Gold Coast for work which is like 2 hrs or so drive from where I live.

Also if you don’t know what my job is I’m a nanny/babysitter.

Then got a called around lunch time saying that they didn’t need me anymore, so although that meant I’d be free for the rest of the afternoon/night.

I still didn’t get chance to sit down and write a post as I had some blog planning and assignment stuff that I need to get done before I went out for round two of my Mum’s birthday dinner.

So know that all my blogging stuff is organised for the next few weeks. Probably shouldn’t say that as I’ve already deviated off my plan/schedule by writing this post.

As the post I had plan to publish, that I started writing a few months ago needs a complete re-write as I’ve change my angle.

So as it was getting late I decided to just write a quick update post and I’ll go down to the beach tomorrow afternoon and start/finish writing that post.

As it’s the only place where I seem to write my post really quick without procrastinating and also where I seem to write what I class as some of my best post.

On a site note, always remember that everything happens for a reason and if it was meant to be it will be.

Also leave a link down below to your blog so that I can check you out, as I love finding new blogs to read.


day 28 – fashion selfie any day

Would love it if you could all take part, basically any day of the week, post a pic of your outfit on Instagram using the #fashionselfieanyday

So we can all share and see other people outfits from around the world.

Would love it if you could all take part using my hashtag some time over the next week.

If you’d like to check out my fashionselfieanyday pic click here.

day 27 – Teaching resources

I’ve mention this in a few posts,  but if your new to my blog or don’t read my post I’m currently in my last semester/term  of  studying chid care or nursery nursing as you call it England.

I’d been thinking for a while that I should get a box of resources together that I could take and thought the best thing to start with would be so books.

Shopped around and realised that the books were so expensive that I’d only be able to afford one every two months when I had so many other things that I need to buy each week, so decided it was probably best to wait till I was working.

The the other day Aldi was having a book specials day went down and got all theses books in the pic for under $100.

day 27 - Teaching resources

So can finally start putting my resources box together and now how a collection of books/flash cards that I can use from babies to school age children

day 26 – Georgie Porgie update

Thought today I would share with you some recent pic of my puppy George, May not be puppy size anymore but hasn’t even turn 1 yet so think he’s still classified as a puppy.

Also if you don’t have a clue what the title means it’s from the nursery rhyme Georgie Porgie pudding and pie and it what’s I call my puppy when he’s being a bit cheeky/naughty.

Hope he doesn’t get any bigger but here are some pics of him from the past week:

day 26 - Georgie Porgie update day 26 - Georgie Porgie update day 26 - Georgie Porgie update day 26 - Georgie Porgie update day 26 - Georgie Porgie update day 26 - Georgie Porgie update day 26 - Georgie Porgie update day 26 - Georgie Porgie update