Stopping my 365 day blogging challenge

Been thinking about it for the past few days and I’ve decided to stop doing my 365 day blogging challenge.

Was a hard decision to make as I really like doing it and really wanted to complete it.

But just don’t have enough time to fit everything in now that I have a job and can get called at any time to do a 4-9 hour shift. Then I’m also starting full-time Uni as well at the end of next month.

Then over the past few months or so I felt myself running out of post ideas, repeat my posts a lot. Then noticed the quality of my post were going really downhill.

Which anyone who followed my blog probably noticed and couldn’t wait to unfollow, so I do apologise to all those people.

Then over the past few weeks I’ve started getting stressed about it A because I’ve had no home broadband, then B not having enough time in one day to fit it all and trying to plan out my day, so that I have enough time to blog and do everything else that I need to do in life.

So have decided that now I’m just going to try to blog 1 – 3 times a week as I’d rather have one quality post than seven really bad quality posts.

Then depending on my work and Uni schedule, I may participate in blogtober and blogmas.

No one will probably read this post. But sorry it was super long and just a bunch of words, but felt like writing my thoughts down will help me get over my stress and turn over a new leaf in my book.

Also, before I go as I’m working two days so far this week and still have no home internet, I might take the week off. So If you don’t hear from me in the week, I will be back next Sunday night with a new blog post.

Day 97 – daily planner

Day 97 - daily planner

Decided that as I’m starting Uni soon and will have to fit in daily blogging, work and study, it was time that I got more ogranised.

So decided to get my self a planning, did some reasearch and found a filofax planner that I like but I couldn’t find any where Australia that stocked it and to have it ship in was going to work out at $200.

So seeing as there was an end of financial sale on at my local Kikki-k store. I decided to go down and have a look for planner.

Didn’t have much left in stock but managed to come home with all of this mostly on sale.

Will do a more detailed post in the coming weeks as I still have a few more things I wanted to buy off etsy and a few other sites, but thought seeing as I love it so much would give you all a sneak peek.

Let me know in the comments bellow if you know of any good sites to buy planner accessories form and also share a link to your post about your planner or one of your favourite bloggers planners.

Also if you’ve never heard of kikki-k would definatly recommend that you check them out. They also ship overseas as well for a small fee.

Day 96 – Fashion selfie any day

Still have not home internet and don’t have much mobile brodand left to write a post:(

So why I wait for my internet to be reconcected would love it if you could all please take part, basically any day of the week, post a selfie on Instagram using the #fashionselfieanyday

So we can all share and see other people outfits from around the world.

Would love it if you could all take part using my hashtag some time over the next week.

If you’d like to check out my fashionselfieanyday pics search the #fashionselfieanyday on Instagram

Don’t forget to add the #fashionselfieanyday so I can check you all out.

Also comment down below and let me know that you’ve taken part.

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