The new arrival

Just realised I havent stuck to my goal of uploading an outfit post every second, will get back to that tomorrow night. But in the meantime just though I’d share with a new edition to my family that I picked yesterday, my 8 week old baby brother.



IMG_1246 IMG_1242




Outfit post challenge

Been really neglecting my blog the pass few days as I’ve been really busy with TAFE. So decided the other day seeing as I’m there for the next two and a half weeks and surrounded by the same bunch of people, I would set myself the challenge of trying to wear a different outfit every day. So far so good.  Some of the outfits I’ve all ready shared in previous post, but will try to do an outfit post every seconded day actually lets make that ever three days would say every day but can’t see that ever happening, as my laptop decided to do the white screen of death to-night (Not that you’re read this but thanks dad for letting me borrow your laptop)

So here where go taken with my DSLR today so that I don’t look like a spec in the distance and you can actually see my outfit.

Skirt- milk and honey

Top-  Topshop

V neck cardigan H&M

Shoes- Primark

DSC_0428 DSC_0430


Comfy casual yet stylish

Realised at 8am this morning just as I was about to leave for another big day at TAFE, that i hadn’t written a post/even planned anything for tonight. So decided I would just get my mum to take a pic of my outfit with my iPhone before I left, and I would do an outfit post.

So here we are, seeing as I spend most of my day sat down and it’s quite cold at the moment I decided to wear something that was comfy casual and stylish all at the same time.

Excuse the bad hair day, but didn’t have anytime to wash it this morning as I was in such a rush and hadn’t planned on taking any photos and excuse the worst photo in history but again didn’t have time to set up my tripod and DSLR.

Also spent the last half an hour deciding whether to click the publish button, but then I remember I’m really busy all week so probably won’t get chance to do another post till Sunday night and I really can’t leave you all waiting that long.

Also almost forgot but I should probably tell you where my outfits from:

Pants or as Topshop likes to call them- Feather print joggers 

Topshop Top- Lace panel tee

H&M Cardigan- Fine-knit cardigan

Nine West shoes- plastic black and see through Ballet flats brought about 5 years ago in a sale.






Shoes Shoes & More Shoes

Most people don’t actually know this but I have like an obession with shopping,(proabbly because I’m brtish and were like the number one shoppers in the world) especially when it come to shoe shopping.

I only manage to buy six pairs whilst on my trip to most people that’s a lot, to me that’s nothing compared to the other 20 or so pairs I could of brought. But the great thing is me and my mum both have the same size feet so the seven or so pairs she brought I can wear as well. So here’s a video and also close up pics of the shoes with links as to wear you can buy them.


Koala espadrille shoes - Topshop


 Fang double buckle flatforms -Topshop


Vibrant tumbled ballerinas -Topshop  (sold out in the blue but here’s the link to the same style in black)


Lenka chunky sole platforms -Topshop


Harper flatform sandals  -Topshop


Topshop again couldn’t find a link so assume they’ve sold out



Hi pool sliders -Topshop



Black ankle strap block heel sandals -New look



T bar sandals -Wearhouse



Primark – don’t have a website :(



Kat -Carvela kurt Geiger



Garent cuff block heel - Office



Garland strappy block heel -Office



Couldn’t find a link to these either so assume they’ve also sold out -River Island


Dress with Jumper

Had a busy day-to-day filming my new YouTube video and taking pics for my new blog post for Sunday. So thought seeing as you can’t really see the outfit I’m wearing in the video I would share a picture of it.

Dress: Topshop (Brought sometimes last year. Dress in the link is the same style but different colour, which I brought recently in the sale with an orange one as they was over 50% off how could I say no)

Also went out for coffee this morning so seeing as it was so cold decided to par it with a cropped style jumper, bit of an over done/out of seasons fashion but I think they go really well together.