Wearhouse – wish list

Haven’t done one of these wish list type post in a while, but after my trip to England in June where I purchase a few Wearhouse items and in my recent ASOS haul wear I purchase some more Wearhouse stuff. Which you can check out here if you haven’t already 

I have suddenly fallen in love with all things Wearhouse. A bit on the pricey side but defiantly worth the spend as so far the quality has been great.

I know it’s Spring here and going to be 34C next week, but I just tend to buy things when I see them. As if I don’t I never see them again and then I get upset because I’m like I should have brought that.

Although saying that I will probably never buy any of these things as crimbo is coming up and I really need to start saving for a new Macbook pro before this one dies on me.

Really loving caps this season as it’s never normal cold enough for coat here in winter, but to cold not to wear anything on top thought a cape would be a great substitute.

Also realise the other day that I  don’t have any every day skirt that aren’t thick wintry type material so providing the leather look one is not to thick thought it would be great for all year round. Also loving the check pattern and peter pan collars so though the dress would be great to add to my collection.




1|Wearhouse cape 2|Warehouse Window Pane Dress 3|Warehouse Checked Cape 4|Warehouse Faux Leather Full Skirt

Outfit of the day- Topshop causal Friday

Outfit of the day, here is my outfit, that I wore today.  Tried to do a causal look today but after spending 30 mins searching through my wardrobe found this to be the most casual outfit I own and the most casual thing you’re see me leaving the house in unless I was going for a run.
So here we go head to toe Topshop outfit.
Skorts – Topshop (Not the same one’s but if you want to stick with Topshop this is the closest I could find. Asos also have some similar one’s too that are on sale at the moment)

Crop Top – Topshop (Looks the same but has a bit more lace and is slightly longer)

Don’t have any shoes on in the photo but just paired the look with some black slim Havaianas




Blog redesign

Seem to pick the strangest times to write a new blog post currently 10:20pm where I am. But thought I’d let you all know that I got my blog redesigned. Don’t even know why I’m writing this post as it’s the first thing you see when you come to my site anyways.

But due to all the stress I’ve been having with my course over the past few months and not having enough time for everything, thought I’d hire someone to redesign my site for me.

I can code and use Photoshop but could never quite design the look I wanted so thought it was time to hire someone a bit more professional and have to say it was the best decision I  every mad Was an expense I hadn’t planned on this month but was totally worth it.

So if you’re looking at having your WordPress or blogger blog redesigned would defiantly recommend Amanda from thesuitcasedesigns some people out there might find it a bit on the pricey but I’ve learnt over the past few years that you get what you pay for when it comes to having a blog designed.

If you’re new to my blog or forgot what my blog use to look like here’s a picture. Looking back it wasn’t that bad to say I designed it and coded it myself, but just feel like my redesign, takes me to the next level in the blogging world.

Night all or good morning depending on where you live, will hopefully see you all tomorrow night sometime with another new post.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.53.57 pm

Sims 4 Video #2

Sims 4 video #2 not may people watch it or even comment on last weeks video. But thought I’d still do another one and share it with you as I love playing sims 4 and at the end of the day it’s not always about the views and comments but about doing something you love. sorry if I sound a bit strange still getting use to talking to my screen and playing at the same time.

Also here’s a link to last week video if you haven’t watched it.

Outfit of the day

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Haven’t stopped blogging just had computer problems last week then this week found out I have to do a load of extra stuff for my TAFE course or College course if you live in the UK or USA, so going to be spending the next few weeks working on that to try to get them finished ASAP. But will try to post as often as can as I love blogging.

On another note I’ve gone from like doing an outfit post everyday to doing none at all so thought it was time I’d share with you one of my outfits I wore over the past week.

If you’ve watched my Asos haul video you’re notice that I talked about this Asos branded dress that I bought, so thought I’d share a pic of me wearing it with you and some links to were you can buy it.

If you haven’t check out my video here it is again: Asos haul 

A great dress for summer as it’s quite thin material and bright coloured, but probably not that great for winter unless you want to layer it.

Dress – Asos

Shoes – Wearhouse (Last time I check they where out of stock but you might be able to still get them in store