day 10 my 3 favourite iPhone apps this month

Thought I’d share with you my 3 all time favourite iPhone apps:


1| Timehop – basically you par this app with your social media and every day it will tell you what you posted on your social media a year to 5 years ago


2|Snapchat- I think everyone knows what this is by now but if you don’t it’s where you can share short videos or pics with your friends or the world. I don’t post anything myself. I only use it so I can follow my favourite you tubers

3|Spotify – only start using a month ago as I got a free premium with my new phone contract, but have to say it’s the best music player ever, never thought they’d invent something better than iTunes.



day 9 When it all gets a bit to much

So basically if you read my blog last night you know that I said that I had been feeling a bit stick the past two days.

Well I’ve realised the reason that I had been feeling a bit stick was due to the fact that I was feeling a bit stressed.

Not sure why I was feeling stressed, don’t think it had anything to do with my TAFE/College course as I’ve got really on top of all my assignments over the past few days.

Think it had more to do with the fact that yesterday was 1 week to the day that I started my 365 day blogging challenge and I think it was the fact that I still had another 355 days to go and it wasn’t just another monthly challenge like blogmas was.

Although 355 days seems like a long time it will so be this time next year.

Anyways getting back on top thought I’d share with some of my tips that helped my get through my short period of stress.

1| Stop doing what ever it is that is making you stressed, sometimes it’s not possible, but if you can try to take at least 1 hr’s break from it or even a day if possible.

2| If you can’t stop doing the task that is making you stressed then I always finding playing music helps. People are probably going to think that I’m really weird/crazy but I find this song really helps me:

3| Talk to someone, I often find talking about my problems really helps me get over my stress


4| Also if I have the time I find going for a run or walk down the beach really helps me get over my stress.

5| Watching my favourite Youtuber’s or a tv series I find that really helps as it gives me something else to focus on for a few hours.

Just thought I’d point out that I’m not an expert when it comes to stress so what worked for me might not work for other.

Here another of my favourite quotes about stress:

day 9 When it all gets a bit to much


Also let me know in the comments what things help you when you get stressed.

day 8 Why I haven’t posted tonight

Just thought I’d update you all and let you know that I’ve not been feeling very well the past day or to. so decided to take the night off and watch some movies.

So check back tomorrow night for another new post and if all goes to plan I will have a new youtube video up.


day 7 fashion selfie any day

So I love using Instagram and seeing people’s awesome outfits pics that they post.

It got me thinking and I thought why not make a hashtag so that I can share my outfit of the day and also see other people outfits of the day.

So I invented a hast tag called fashion selfie any day.

Basically any day of the week, post a pic of your outfit using the #fashionselfieanyday

So we can all share and see other people outfits from around the world.

Would love it if you could all take part using my hashtag.

Also if your new to my site and would like to find out more about my 365 day blogging challenge you can check it out here 365 day challenge.