Georges first swimming lesson

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Had a hard time deciding what I wanted to post for my Thursday post. Had thought of filming a new cooking video, but the last of my new filming equipment didn’t arrive until Monday, so haven’t had any time to film any new videos. If everything goes to plan I will have a new video up Sunday night.

Then I remember that the other day when I was uploading some pics off my phone. I  found a video of my puppy George, played it and found out that it was a video of Georges first swimming lesson that I’d taken a month or so ago.

Never really shared any type of videos like this before, but thought seeing as this blog is not just about fashion, but also everyday things that happen in my lifethought I’d share it with you.

Also my first video feature my dad and my mum talking in the background (will hopefully get her on the other side of the camera one day)

Sorry about the crappy quality was taken with my Iphone a bit last minute

So here is the video of Georges first swimming lesson


Has nothing to do with the video, but if you haven’t read my blog over the past few months thought I’d share with you what George looked like at eights weeks and what he looks like now that he’s six months next week.

Georges first swimming lesson

Georges first swimming lesson

Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and read this post on Georges first swimming lesson.

Don’t forget to check back on Sunday for my new video.

Also if I have time I may do anotherpost on Friday or Saturday. So keep checking back over the next few days.

Quotes of the week

Been doing a lot of pinteresting over the past week, got that addicted that I somehow managed to pin over 300 pins in the space of a few hours, so have now limited myself to 30 mins a day, probably won’t last long as the time seems to go know where when you start pinning.

If you’ve been reading my blog over the past few months your notice that I like quotes, so seeing as I’ve pinned so many new quotes over the past week thought I’d share some of them with you.

So here is my favourite quotes of the week tried again to just pick one, but it never works out as I always have so many favourites so here are my top seven favourite quotes of the week.

Love finding new quotes so let me known in the comments what your all time favourite quote or quotes are.

Also all my new equipment that I order has finally arrive so if all goes to plan will be filming a new YouTube video on Sunday.

Sorry it’s such a short post compared to Sunday, will try and do a more exciting post on Thursday

Quotes of the week Quotes of the week Quotes of the week Quotes of the week Quotes of the week Quotes of the week Quotes of the week





I went shopping again in Brisbane the other day, (really need to stop spending and start saving for Christmas cards, gifts and my trip, which I’ll update you all on in the next week or so. But I’ve just been going through one of those stages when I look through my wardrobe and I’m like I have nothing to wear.

As it’s been so hot here recently I’ve been wearing flip flops a lot as they’re so easy to take on and off compared to sandals that you have to keep fastening and un fastening every time you want to put them on or take them off. The only downside to wearing flip flops is that they only go with certain outfits like basic dress and shorts and t-shirts.  Tried wearing them a few weeks ago with a sort of fancy dress to go out to dinner in, but they just didn’t look right to me.

Most people probably wouldn’t even care but in my opinion I just think flip flops can really bring down certain outfits. So after that, I set out on a mission to find some leather type slip on sandals. Preferable black or white as we all know how much I love black and white and in a plain style so that they would match any outfit.

Went to all my local shoe stores, but they still had the same styles as last spring/summer. Tried my usual online stores, but they was all stocking winter shoes. (So in the process I found a load of shoes that I want to get for winter next year). Went back to Topshop, but they didn’t have what I was looking for.

Then when I was just about to give up and head home. when I came across a store called windsorsmith I’ve brought a pair of their shoes before called Lily, think every young person in Australia and around the world brought this style of shoe when they were first in fashion last year some time.

Wasn’t going to get them at first as I don’t like to follow the trends, but then after a while decided to go and try them on and see what all the fuss was about.

Have to say they were some of the most comfiest low heels I’d ever worn, then while I was sat there pondering over them, like I do with everything before I decided whether to by them or not.  I then got told by the shop assistant that they had gone down from $89.95 to $20 so how could I say no too a new real pair of leather shoes to add to my collection.

Always seem to get a bit of track, when I start writing a really good post. Anyways I’d never been to a  windsorsmiths stores before so decide to go in and have a look and came across theses sandals called Bicker and it was love a first sight. Tried them on and they fitted perfectly and felt so comfortable when I walked around the shop in them.

They also came in black and white but I felt like they match my wearhouse one’s a bit too much so decided to just go with all black as when can you ever go wrong with black one of the best colours ever invented.

Here’s a pic I took of my windsorsmith shoes


Another great thing about them is that they have a bit of heel so I don’t feel like I’m just walking on the ground. Probably just me and my weird feet, but I hate wearing shoes where I can feel everything that I walk on and over.

Tried them out on an outing to the shops the other day. Had planned on saving them for my trip, but them I’m like what’s point I only live once and summer will be over soon and the quicker I wear them the quicker I can bed them in and start moulding them to my feet. Probably just me and my wide feet, but after walking in them for a while I was starting to get a blister on my two little toes. So when I wear them next time will defiantly put plasters on before I leave the house so I don’t get blisters again.

Overall would definitely recommend this style of shoe and windsorsmith shoes in general as they’re just so comfortable, go great with any outfit and real leather. Might be a bit on the pricey side for some, but from past experience I find you get what you pay for when it comes to shoes.

Been practice my photography skills over the past few weeks to try to improve on my pics for my post. But I couldn’t decide which one to go with so here’s too other pics I took of my windsorsmith shoes. Still find using a DSLR super confusing, but all practice is defiantly starting to pay off as I think all the photo I took turned out pretty good.



Not sure if you can get this brand overseas, but their probably have something similar at your local shoe stores, depending on the season. If not they do international shipping to certain place.

If you did read this post all the way to the bottom, thanks for taking your time to read it. Hadn’t planned on this post being so long, but just started writing and then couldn’t stop myself. Tried to review the shoes as good as possible, but think I sort of failed on that part, as I always have a bit of hard time when it comes to doing reviews on different items/products

Every seems to be going to plan so far, so as long as nothing else dies on me between now and TuesdayI will be back with another post at 7pm AEST on Tuesday.

Hope your all having a great Sunday night or Sunday day wherever you are in the world and I will see you next time.

Why I’ve been MIA

Disaster struck here Monday afternoon at the doing life my way abode. Just finished uploading my final assignment for the year. Went to plugin in my portable hard drive to find a film only to find it was loading, tried it in a different usb port still didn’t work, so thought it must be my laptop tried it on my desktop still didn’t work, tried a different usb cord still didn’t work.  Then I heard this strange sound coming from it, look it up on the internet only find that it means it died and there’s a 50% of chance of getting it fixed.

I wouldn’t have minded so much, but on the Thursday I got a virus on my mac which I couldn’t get rid of so decided to back everything up on my laptop to my portable hard drive reformat it, then re-uplaoded everything back on tom my laptop on Monday after I handed in my assignment.

So basically I had nothing apart from some camera and iPhone photos, that I hadn’t delete yet. Look online I found out to fix it I was looking at about $600 or more depending on how bad it was and their was only a 50% chance that they could recover the data.

Looked at bit further and found some YouTube video of people doing DIY fixes, so thought I don’t have $600 so may as well try to fix it myself. So with the help of my dad spent the night trying to fix. Open it to find out that on the list of hard drive faults I had the worst fault you could possibly get and their was a 10% of chance of recovering the data, so thought we may as well-tried as either way I stuffed.

So to cut along story short tried the next night to fix, but it didn’t work, so was glad that I didn’t wast $600 as imagine paying $600 then being told a week later there was nothing they could do. I think I would be twice and distort.

Think it about their wasn’t a lot of import stuff on there really about 10 or so important word documents, a few blogging and you tubing stuff and some photos.

But I did have a load of films tv shows and software that I download and over 4,000 songs that I’ve been collecting over the past 5 or so.

So was a bit annoyed at the fact that I’ve now got to do more downloading and search for CD, to try to recover some of my films, tv shows and songs.

So This Why I’ve been MIA.

So some advice is to always have double or even triple back ups if you can afford, is an expensive cost, but it in the long run it will save you lots of heartache and money

Sorry if this post was a bit boring, will post something more exciting Saturday night and will be back to my normal posting seclude on Sunday Night.

I’m no expert when it comes hard-drive but after having two portable hard drive fail on me, I would defiantly recommend also having a desktop plug in the wall one.



Monochrome outfit of the day, Spring edition

Can’t remember if I’ve done a posts on these shorts and top before. Tried searching but couldn’t find anything so I’ll do a new spring edition post.

Your probably all wondering why I’m not wearing nice bright colours being spring and all. But for those of you who don’t know me the  black on black combination, white and black and white,  also known as monochrome are some of my favourite combinations of colour.

The short are a leather type material. (might just be me but I‘ve always referred to fake leather as pleather) In saying that they are quite light weight and not to think so you don’t really get to hot in them when it’s 30 or so degrees.

Top is just a thin cotton no sleeve sort of crop top, top. It is a bit see through so it’s probably best not to wear a lace type bra underneath, like I did, but when it’s just so hot it’s just the easiest and comfortable bra to wear.

Shoes, brought these sandals when I went shopping in Brisbane last Friday. Are probably a bit on the pricey side, but being leather and having such a unique style how could I say no to another pair of shoes. I’ve now gone from having one pair of everyday sandals to three pairs of everyday sandals for spring and summer, and I’m sure I’ll find room for more.

So here’s where I got my monochrome outfit of the day from:

Top – ASOS (comes in a 2 pack so you get a white and black one :)

Shorts – Country Road (Don’t have a link to these as I brought them last summer, but here is some similar ones from ASOS

Shoes – Topshop (Couldn’t find a link to them, but you should be able to get them at your local Topshop store).

Monochrome outfit of the day, taken in my garden. Given that it’s spring and starting to warm up and I’m trying to be a bit more adventurous with my photos, I thought I’d try taking photos in different places.

monochrome outfit of the day